Faurecia Group

Faurecia brings innovative solutions to challenges within the automobile industry through each of its four strategic activities: Faurecia Seating, Faurecia Interiors, Faurecia Clarion Electronics and Faurecia Clean Mobility.

For Faurecia’s seating activity, the company develops and produces the various systems making up seats. Drawing on proven technological savoir-faire, comfort, quality perception and security are at the heart of Faurecia’s innovation strategy. Faurecia Seating also perfects innovative solutions for thermic and postural comfort, health and well-being in addition to sophisticated security systems where the occupant is central to cockpit utilisations now and for the future.

Our values

  • Entrepreneurial ambition
  • Autonomy
  • Responsibility
  • Mutual Respect
  • Exemplarity
  • Energy
  • Passion

What we believe

  • Global Warming
  • Technological Ruptures
  • Balancing long and short-term needs
  • Sustainable Development
  • Creating long-term value

Certified “Top Employer” by the Top Employer Institute since 2015 for the quality of its human resources policy.

  • quote

    L’industrie automobile traverse une révolution technologique. Avec ses solutions vouées à inspirer la mobilité de demain, Faurecia est au cœur de cette transformation.

    Patrick Koller
    Patrick Koller
    Chief Executive Officer, Faurecia

Faurecia – Le Pont de Vère, 61100 Caligny

Locations : - 02 33 14 30 00 - caligny@faurecia.com
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  • + 70 years Of local industry history for Faurecia Caligny
  • 1,150 staff Working on the Caligny site
  • 198,000,00 Euros of turnover in 2018
  • 180,000 Finished products per day
  • 110 tons Of raw material per day for production
  • Precision Products 1/100 and Micron