The site has an ideal location, 3 hours from Paris, 2 hours from Rennes, 40 minutes by road to Caen and only 20 minutes from the A28 ( Abbeville to Tours bypassing the Paris region) and is also served by the Paris-Granville train.

Nearby Flers provides site partners and their clients with access to every kind of infrastructure: hotels, restaurants and catering, shops etc.

Ten successful years after the Syndicat Mixte initiated the venture, they have taken a recent decision to extend by a further 100 acres so that new companies can participate in the venture. SHEMA, a semi-public company, specialised in planning, construction and development has been selected to provide support to new arrivals. As the original developer of the site, SHEMA is the ideal interlocutor for new projects.

Become a part of NORMAND’INNOV.Setting up your company at NORMAND’INNOV :
Key stages

  • 1

    First contact and information

    A dedicated support person will assist you. Alternatively you may use the contact form on this page to send your request for information to our project manager.

  • 2

    Visiting the site

    If you would like to discover the existing installations and see the new area of land.
    Our project manager is at your service for a visit to the site to view the current installations and available units and present possible layouts that correspond to your needs.

  • 3

    Development and realisation of your project

    SHEMA will advise and assist you in the development and delivery of your implantation project. We will study the requirements for the completion of your dossier drawing on our technical, legal and financial expertise. The specifications are drawn-up co-jointly to formalize your proposal.

  • 4

    Contractorization of the implantation before construction

    SHEMA is present during the presentation of your project and guarantees that your specifications are taken into account. This ensures that your project is contractorized
    before implantation; the final phase of construction.


15 Avenue Pierre Mendes France
14000 CAEN
Tél. : 02 31 46 91 40

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  • Technical feasibility study, implantation optimisation, dimensioning assistance
  • Operational assembly study
  • Production solutions

Financial Engineering

  • Study of available grants
  • Optimisation of legal and financing arrangements
  • Portage Immobilier (property transfer to an investor)

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