NORMAND’INNOV is a syndicat mixte, created by 3 public authorities with a joint ambition.

Devenu en quelques années un pôle d’excellence incontournable, le site entend développer et faire rayonner les compétences du territoire normand, dans le domaine des technologies de pointe, et poursuit aujourd’hui son essor.


President of NORMAND’INNOV and Regional Vice-president in charge of economic development.

Normandy has proven it can create dynamic partnerships between local authorities to support the region and businesses.

NORMAND’INNOV is the only location in Normandy created with the objective of promoting synergy between industrial companies with international scope, institutions of higher education as well as laboratories and centres for research and innovation.

In a constantly evolving economy , transformed by innovation and new trends, it is critical for the Region to be able to innovate and experiment. This means supporting and boosting new and ambitious projects that will develop and perpetuate strategic economic sectors

Today, the expansion of NORMAND’INNOV is being reinforced by the arrival of new projects and additional new businesses and services will be installed on 98 newly acquired acres . The Region continues to maintain a spirit of competitiveness and promoting a model of collaborative work practices between stakeholders, all committed to economic development. At NORMAND’INNOV you will find made-to-measure solutions for businesses in an exemplary and innovative site where development, and a pleasant life/work-style are among the many advantages of the campus.

It is the concrete realisation of several competencies:

  • Support for businesses during their economic development phase

  • Support for innovation and research

  • Promoting a link between higher education and the economy

  • Encouraging and ecosystem as a source of added value and creation of wealth

All this is thanks to an exemplary partnership of 3 local and regional authorities. The Region is proud of the success of this exceptional initiative and has already invested almost 20 million euros to date in the site.

Jérôme NURY

Vice-President of NORMAND’INNOV, departmental vice-president of economic development and Deputy of the Orne department.

Created in 2005, the site is the concretisation of a state of mind prevalent in our region and which is undoubtable effective as it created and developed this major project was established round one of our economic flagships: FAURECIA.

It is effectively the combination of willpower, elected officials, local and regional authorities and economic partners that have enabled NORMAND’INNOV to remain a venue for excellence both in industry as well as in research and development for the past ten years.

The site is also a well-established, veritable showcase of the industrial savoir-faire in Orne and Normandy, particularly in rural areas with dynamic entrepreneurs and productive staff, where have successful economic transformation has been achieved with quality production, mutualisation and innovation.

By building on our respective strengths and with the long-term support of the Regional Council of Normandy, the Conseil Departemental de l’Orne, Flers Agglo, in addition to the digital revolution pioneered in and by the Department of Orne, the future of NORMAND’INNOV is determined and optimistic.


Vice-president of NORMAND’INNOV and president of Flers Agglo

Much more than a simple change of title, the name NORMAND’INNOV signals a new departure for the largest business platform in our employment base.

On behalf of the Syndicat Mixte, Flers Agglo purchased the land which has doubled site capacity. The site can be accessed both by the Pont de Vère interchange or the Flers North-West bypass.

The objective is to attract and enable companies that complement each other, with a shared and strong demand for research and development.

The site’s multifunctional aspect must be reinforced. A combination of production, research, development, trials and training currently is and will continue to be the formula for success and excellence.

Flers Agglo, hand in hand with its Region and Department partners, is determined to remain a driving force behind NORMAND’INNOV. Nothing, in effect ,can ever be taken for granted. Ten years ago when we took the initiative of creating the CIRIAM, we saved industrial employment. Today our collective mission is to build on this success to construct the future.

High performance technological equipment being constantly innovated for the benefit of all.

NORMAND’INNOV, a collaborative creation of a centre of excellence with an international scope, is exemplary both in the quality of its facilities and in its DNA.

Born of a desire to expand regional skills and experience, the site evolves according to the needs of its partners. Driven by a desire to participate in the ecosystem synergy, each of the partners has an active role: on-site team-work drives performance.

All the solutions they propose are the result of collaborative reflexion. On-site diversity is also a source of strength. Shared values federate the students, workers and engineers coexisting in an agreeable working environment.

High quality service in a protected environment

NORMAND’INNOV has high-quality infrastructures and services.
  • 1200 public parking spaces
  • Amphithéâtre et salle de réunion équipés multimédia pour l’accueil de vos clients et collaborateur
  • Optical fibre

High value-added services

  • Staff restaurant for 700
  • Corporate concierge service “L’Adresse”
  • Fablab: business incubator project
  • Fitness trail: for sporting activities in a privileged setting.

Favourable evolution of the NORMAND’INNOV hub in the past ten years

Ten years ago, the Industrial Campus for Research and Innovation of Materials (Campus Industriel de Recherche et d’Innovation Appliqué aux Matériaux – CIRIAM) was created to maintain the dynamics of a process initiated by the Faurecia plant.
A 60 acre zone was created thanks to the vision of the Basse-Normandy Region, the Orne Department and Flers Agglo. They formed a Syndicat Mixte to build an innovative site around the Faurecia plant and encouraged the installation of a research and development laboratory.

Plaquette Normand'Innov

commercial leaflet

  • nombre-salaries employees throughout the NORMAND’INNOV site
  • surface-faurecia m2 dedicated to the FAURECIA production site
  • surface-lemoine m2 Occupied by the LEMOINE production centre
  • surface-exploitation-bio ha Of organic farming
  • 2000 m2 m2 Dedicated to the Dynamic Trials Centre managed by CCI Flers-Argentan
  • 2,000 m2 m2 Dedicated to student-apprentice training by the ENSI Caen in Materials and Mechanics
  • 8,000 m2 m2 Dedicated to the FAURECIA World Centre of Research and Development
  • 247 acres ha NORMAND’INNOV overall surface area


Every three months the Cercle NORMAND’INNOV - the various entities of the Syndicat Mixte meets to organise life on the site, provide information about site activity and plan events.
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