Dynamic Test Centre

At the heart of the NORMAND’INNOV Campus, the Dynamic Test Centre (CED- Centre d’Essais Dynamiques) is managed by the CCI Ouest Normandie and is internationally recognised for its level of expertise. With innovative high-performance equipment that is unique throughout Europe and a team of highly qualified specialists, the CED has won all the major automobile, aviation, rail transport industries as clients, both in defence and industry.

In line with its ambitious research and development ambitions, the CED implemented a collaborative platform dedicated to material analysis in Autumn 2018. The new very heavy load test facility with higher vibration range to test heavy equipment in its entirety and meet the various requirements for “earthquake resistance”. This new, innovative offer for all sectors of activity reinforces the CED’s ability to compete in the global market and contributes to the economic development of the region.

Today the CED offers:

  • The most powerful reverse hydropneumatics catapult in Europe for real-time dynamics testing of structures and equipment (dashboards, seats, child seat restraints etc.).
  • A six-axis vibration climate table for vibration and climate durability testing. Wide vibration and payload range for combined Vibration/ Temperature / Humidity testing.
  • A six-axis vibration table for “squeak and rattle” testing with objective evaluation of unwanted sounds (development of electric vehicles, acoustic comfort etc. ).
  • A six-axis very heavy payload vibration table for testing heavy equipment in its entirety and for “earthquake resistance”.
  • A Materials Testing Laboratory: cutting edge technology (optic microscopes, STEM equipped with EDS, luminous discharge spectrometer, tribometer, interferometric microscope, and a thermo-mechanical simulator*), for materials analysis: thermal treatment, mechanical testing, tribology and metallurgy.

*There are only 9 Gleeble simulators in France (with 6 in universities) providing state-of- the art thermo-mechanical characterization.


  • Performance
  • Sharing
  • Innovation
  • Quality management (ISO 17025)
  • Exemplarity
  • Responsibility


  • 11,000,000.00 € invested
  • 2,500 m2 dedicated to the Materials Analysis Laboratory

The only independent laboratory in the world authorized to validate airplane and helicopter seats (Boeing, Airbus etc.)Certified ISO 17025 by the COFRAC.

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    Notre philosophie et Leitmotiv : accompagner nos clients dans toutes les phases de leur projet, de la définition du besoin jusqu’à la remise du rapport d’essai, dans le strict respect de la confidentialité et des délais (réactivité et flexibilité des plannings).

    On behalf of the staff, Thierry-Olivier Magon
    On behalf of the staff, Thierry-Olivier Magon
    Manager, CED

Centre d’Essais Dynamiques – Le Pont de Vère, 61100 Caligny

Thierry-Olivier MAGON - 06 78 80 99 94 - thierry-olivier.magon@normandie.cci.fr
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  • 29 staff Including 11 engineers
  • 1000 crash tests/yr 3 teams. 23h /24
  • 3 6-axle tables