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President of NORMAND’INNOV and Regional Vice-president in charge of economic development.

Normandy has proven it can create dynamic partnerships between local authorities to support the region and businesses.

NORMAND’INNOV is the only location in Normandy created with the objective of promoting synergy between industrial companies with international scope, institutions of higher education as well as laboratories and centres for research and innovation.

In a constantly evolving economy , transformed by innovation and new trends, it is critical for the Region to be able to innovate and experiment. This means supporting and boosting new and ambitious projects that will develop and perpetuate strategic economic sectors.

Today, the expansion of NORMAND’INNOV is being reinforced by the arrival of new projects and additional new businesses and services will be installed on 98 newly acquired acres . The Region continues to maintain a spirit of competitiveness and promoting a model of collaborative work practices between stakeholders, all committed to economic development. At NORMAND’INNOV you will find made-to-measure solutions for businesses in an exemplary and innovative site where development, and a pleasant life/work-style are among the many advantages of the campus.

Take the decision to move to an ideal location in the heart of Normandy to develop your activity in a site with an international presence.

Only 3 hours away from Paris, NORMAND’INNOV is ideally situated, offering businesses in search of premises a site specialising in research and development.

This center of excellence is a joint project of the Normandy Region, the Conseil Departemental de l’Orne (Orne County Council) and the Communauté d’agglomeration de Flers – Flers Agglo (Flers Urban Area Community Council). In the past 10 years it has welcomed leading industrial companies who have chosen to relocate to a challenging, high-performance and exemplary eco-environment with an international presence.

Become a player in the leveraging of regional competencies and promotion of the regional economy in Normandy.

Become a player in the leveraging of regional competencies and promotion of the regional economy in Normandy.

The brainchild of an exemplary partnership between the Normandy Region, the Conseil Departemental de l’Orne and the Flers Agglo, NORMAND’INNOV is the embodiment of a shared and ambitious objective. A total of 30 million euros was invested in site development (land purchase, training centre, staff canteen, Dynamic Testing Centre).


This remarkable collaboration was the outcome of a shared vision for the future: to support and promote the expansion of regional competencies beyond the border and create favourable conditions to develop and attract interest in this economic zone situated in the heart of the Normandy countryside 10 years after its creation, the site now totals 247 acres.

Consequently the Syndicat Mixte (Joint Association) of NORMAND’INNOV is once again in a position to offer businesses the opportunity of benefitting from synergies implemented by established eco-environment stakeholders.
SHEMA has been selected to market the new units.

Capitalise on the influence of businesses and stakeholders established on the site.

Capitalise on the influence of businesses and stakeholders established on the site.

For the past ten years NORMAND’INNOV has been welcoming companies with cutting-edge technology: preservation of the environment, high added-value, made-to-measure services, consultation and co-construction, cohesion, functional diversity, focus on talents and competencies as well as shared values are the principal assets of the hub which is resolutely focused on the future.

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NORMAND’INNOV’s uniqueness lies in its ability to energise stakeholders to work together on the key issues of production, training, and research and development.
With companies on site for a decade, continuing to grow in a highly competitive environment, our partners are world-renowned in their sector.


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Normand\'Innov 48.789054, -0.578070 Normandinnov Le Pont de Vère, 61100 Caligny
Normandinnov - Le Pont de Vère, 61100 Caligny

Become one of us and join a group of companies that have chosen to benefit from shared resources and competences.

With the advantage of 10 years of experience, the Syndicat Mixte de NORMAND’INNOV now releasing additional acreage. For further information on available units please consult the layout map or contact us directly.

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NORMAND’INNOV is unique in terms of its consultative and construction methods.By joining us you are making the choice of functional diversity and resource sharing to imagine solutions for your requirements together, for tomorrow.